Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a primary health-care profession that specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and overall management of

conditions that are due to problems with the joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves of the body, particularly those of the spine. Chiropractic care does not involve the use of any drugs or surgery. At honeycomb health clinic we aim to provide quality care for all our patients and make you feel as comfortable as we can, we aim to optimize your movement so you can reach your health goals and get back to the activities you love.



We can help in rehabilitating aching backs and get you moving again


Neck and shoulders feeling tight and in pain, we can help diagnose the root cause and help manipulate it


Chiropractic care can help with muscular and sport related injuries

Book an Initial Consultation

Book your first consultation in which a full assessement will be carried out in a warm and comforatble environment. 

This will help us establish an overall picture and determine whether we might be able to help you at this initial stage.

Tailored Rehabilitation Programmes



Pain Relief

  • Treatment will aim at reducing inflammation, joint stiffness, muscle spasm and nerve irritation all to help relieve your pain, with focused passive manipulation/mobilisation and soft tissue therapy.

  • Initial treatments are often recommended 1-2 times a week dependent on the severity of your injury.

  • Regular gentle stretches and exercises, avoiding the heavy type will most certainly help in the recovery process and improve flexibility.

  • Anti-inflammatory medication, ice therapy and pain relievers can often help with pain management.


  • With restored function and movement we will now aim to restore muscle strength and coordination.

  • Treatments will now become less often between 2-4 weeks per session with a greater emphasis on active exercises.

  • Certain exercises will need to be done to help strengthen the affected area.

  • During this stage is when muscle manipulation techniques will be done to help the recovery process and muscular reactivation.

  • Continued treatment till fully healed will help reduce the risks of relapse episodes.

    Post Treatment Care

    • At this stage you should be feeling a great deal better and good post treatment care is important.

    • Tailored exercise plans to help keeping subtle and mobile, whilst conditioning helps you to get back to the activities you enjoy.

    • Treatment sessions can be done once every 2-4 months to maintain spinal health and optimum function.

    Herbal Health Products

    Our natural range of herbal products can help with your Health


    What our customers are saying
    Zahraa Assad

    Amazing service. Always able to book an appointment even if it’s last minute. I feel so much better after a very appointment. Affordable for all with amazing results

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    5 days ago
    Abeer Fahad

    She is an amazing doctor, for the first time since more than two months I went to bed and had a very deep sleeping with no back pain. Thanks

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    8 days ago

    I started chiropractic treatment with Dr Ameema in September 2023, following a recommendation from my reflexologist, after having suffered years of problems related to lumber disc bulge and sciatica.

    I find Dr Ameema to be very professional, warm and friendly and she makes you feel at ease. Her clinic is comfortable, warm and safe.

    During my initial consultation, Dr Ameema introduced herself and took the time to note my medical history. Following this she did a physical assessment and I remember struggling to lie on the therapy couch, and not being able to turn or get up without support.

    I distinctly remember after my first treatment feeling much better and having more flexibility but knowing that the journey to recovery would take a bit of time, which I was happy to allow in order to make a near full recovery.

    I noted that after my treatment, I could turn my neck both sides and see over my shoulder which I couldn't do before. I also experience reduced pain in my lower back/glutes indicating that the treatment was working.

    I visited Honeycomb Clinic fortnightly for the first 2-3 months, noticing distinct benefits each time. I then reduced my visits to once monthly.

    Note that I combined my chiropractic treatment with regular gym visits. However this was after I had at least 4-5 chiropractic sessions.

    Almost 6 months on... what are the benefits? I have significantly reduced pain and my sciatica has almost gone. I can climb on and off the bed without difficulty, turn without any difficulty. I don't experience cramps anymore. I can put my socks on with ease and other clothing which previously I couldn't. I can turn my neck with ease.

    I have much more flexibility and energy levels. Importantly, I am more confident, happier and healthier, and determined to keep going.

    I now visit Honeycomb Clinic once monthly through personal choice - Dr Ameema works with integrity and is very honest with her recommendations and treatment - they are not designed to keep you returning for more sessions than you need to. However as I can see the value it has to my well-being, my personal choice I have added this to list of regular things to do.

    Ultimately, I believe the cure to be from God, but Dr Ameema's chiropractic treatment is a significant part of my healing journey. I am very grateful for everything she has done to aid my recovery and she will always have my 100% recommendation.

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    17 days ago
    Imane Kaddo

    I am very happy with the treatment so far! I came to the clinic due to pelvic girdle pain caused by pregnancy and after the first session I saw a huge improvement in my pain levels. I have had 3 sessions now and I am feeling so much better. I also have a better understanding of what is causing the pain so I can do things to manage it in between sessions. Highly recommend!

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    1 year ago
    Rawa El Fallah

    Excellent service. I went for a back pain, and I was instantly feeling better. Amima is a professional chiropractor, I also admired her acupuncture, massage and overall experience. She explains the reason of the pain, the location, the implication and the steps to heal. She makes the pain literally goes away.

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    1 year ago
    trudy benjamin

    Ameema, I looked at your reviews on Google before booking in with you and I am so glad that I did. You are continuing the treatment my sister started with me in South Africa for the whiplash injuries I suffered last year which are still ongoing. Thank you for making such a big difference in my recovery from injuries that have affected me from head to toe. Look forward to having you help me fully recover.

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    1 year ago